What can #20Cents Buy?


There’s a term in the restaurant industry for when a food item is given the boot: 86. If something gets an 86, that means it’s gone from the kitchen and the menu, and it’s not coming back. At (RED), our goal is to #86AIDS — and we’re working with globally acclaimed chefs, restaurants and brands to do it.

Today, we have medication that can allow people living with HIV to lead normal, healthy lives. This same medication also helps HIV+ moms give birth to HIV free babies.

And there’s more good news where that came from: a daily dose of this medication only costs 20¢. That’s right — it’s possible to help a person living with HIV stay alive and healthy —  for less than a dollar a day.

What else can you buy with twenty cents? In the spirit of EAT (RED), test your savvy and take our quiz to find out how much food 20¢ can get you across the globe.