13 Africa-based Photographers You Should Be Following on Instagram

If you spend too much time on Instagram like we do, you know what it’s like to go down a rabbit hole—you start off innocently scrolling through one profile, which leads you to another profile, which leads to another, and then suddenly an hour has passed. Our most recent rabbit hole led us to some amazing Africa-based photographers—here are 13 of our favorite finds:


1. @jessartes

Who: Jessé Manuel

What to expect: Sunset photos and portraits taken in Angola

Why we love this account: Jessé plays with perspective and shadows to capture the natural beauty of Angola in a totally unique way.


2. @africashowboy

Who: Nana Kofi Acquah

What to expect: People, places, and poems

Why we love this account: Not only is Nana an unbelievable photographer, he’s also a talented poet. HIs photos give us a glimpse into daily life all over Africa and his thought-provoking poems never fail to inspire us.


3. @kwesi_mufasa

Who: Nicholas Seun Adatsi

What to expect: Candid photos and portraits showcasing Ghanaian food, music, games, crafts, celebrations, and more

Why we love this account: Nicholas’s bright, fun photos beautifully capture all that makes up Ghana’s rich culture.


4. @edpeetersphotography

Who: Ed Peeters

What to expect: Portraits—mostly featuring young people

Why we love this account: Ed has a knack for taking snapshots of African children, so prepare for cuteness overload.


5. @mrcalv

Who: Calvin, a.k.a. Mr. Calv

What to expect: Snapshots of Cape Town’s oceans, rivers, waterfalls and more

Why we love this account: Mr. Calv’s photos transport us to Cape Town’s gorgeous beaches. We’re especially into his underwater photos.


6. @photo_in_moz

Who: Greg Escande

What to expect: Portraits of the people of Mozambique

Why we love this account: Greg’s photos have a unique creative flair. By playing around with colors, shadows, and space, he produces portraits that are truly works of art.


7. @benmcraephotography

Who: Ben McRae

What to expect: A little bit of everything--portraits, animals, landscapes, and more

Why we love this account: Ben is an expert storyteller. Together, his photos and captions tell captivating stories of his travels around Africa and the people he meets.


8. @lafrohemien

Who: Sarah Waiswa

What to expect: Mostly portraits with the occasional scenery shot

Why we love this account: Through both portraits and candid shots, Sarah expertly captures what daily life is like in different places all over the African continent.


9. @princejyesi

Who: Prince Gyasi

What to expect: Colorful portraits of Ghanaians

Why we love this account: Believe it or not, all of Prince’s photos were taken on his iPhone--which is impressive if you ask us. He plays around with the hue and saturation of his photos and incorporates bright colors because he “wants people to be mentally and emotionally healed by just looking at his images.”


10. @lcohenphotography

Who: Lauren Cohen

What to expect: Animals, and lots of them. Lions and zebras and rhinos, oh my!

Why we love this account: Laurens’ bright, bold photos give us an up close and personal look at Africa’s fascinating wildlife. Each photo is more gorgeous than the next.


11. @bobditty

Who: Bob Ditty

What to expect: Portraits and stories of Uganda’s elderly—as Bob’s bio describes it, he takes “elderly portraits in the world’s youngest population”

Why we love this account: Bob’s Instagram account celebrates an often ignored group, Uganda’s elderly. He uses his captions as a platform to share their stories. In addition to capturing the elderly, we love this account because of Bob’s unparalleled ability to capture authentic human emotion in his portraits.


12. @hougaard_malan

Who: Hougaard Malan

What to expect: Dramatic South African landscapes

Why we love this account: Hougaard captures South African landscape photos that are so perfect, they barely look real. They’re the kind of photos you’ll want to get framed for your home.


13. @Jonx

Who: Jonx Pillemer

What to expect: Snapshots of everything from nature and architecture to concerts and nightlife

Why we love this account: We never know what types of photos Jonx will bring to our Insta feeds, but we know they’ll be good ones. We love the way he captures Cape Town’s thriving live music scene.

Oh, and while you’re at it following all of these new Instagram accounts, make sure you’re following @red!