Fight for girls’ education because #GirlsCount

130 million girls didn't go to school today. Not because they didn't want to, but because they weren't given the chance.

But this isn't about big numbers - it's about real girls. Each with her own dream of becoming a pilot, a doctor, a teacher, or simply an equal to her brother.

All girls count. That's why we're counting with our sister organization the ONE Campaign - one by one, out loud - all the way to 130 million. To put pressure on our leaders to act. Will you add your voice?


It's really easy to join in. Just choose a number between 1 and 130,000,000, check it's still available, then film yourself counting your number. Or add a photo of yourself with your number if you prefer.

Your count will become part of what could be the world's longest film. If we get all the way to 130 million it will take eight years to watch. We'll deliver it to leaders, and demand they come together and act.

Educate a girl in one of the world's poorest countries, and it boosts her health, wealth, and ability to take control of her life. She's less likely to become a child bride, experience violence or contract HIV. But it doesn't stop there. She'll have healthier, better educated children. And she could help lift her family — and her entire country — out of poverty.

Choose your number. Add your voice. Because a girl with an education is a girl who can change the world.