(RED) Jeopardy


With increasing progress in the AIDS fight comes increased jeopardy.

The number of AIDS-related deaths is at the lowest point its been in this century. Yet, nearly 2 people die every minute from AIDS-related illnesses. Today, 21.7 million people are accessing life-saving HIV medicine. However, 15.2 million HIV+ people need access to life-saving treatment.

Despite the progress we’ve made, there’s clearly more work to be done. 

We can end AIDS and we will end AIDS. There’s one thing in our way: complacency. 

The world is off-track to meet key 2020 targets. These ambitious goals include  virtual eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV and ensuring that 90% of all people living with HIV are receiving testing, accessing treatment and have virally suppressed HIV.  

Insufficient and stagnant funding, continued stigma and discrimination, gender inequality, and lack of access to services for underserved populations continue to threaten the AIDS fight—and ultimately, may damage the progress we’ve made. 

In the spirit of the new UNAIDS report, test your savvy and see how much you know about the current status of the AIDS fight.