What is #86AIDS?


This June marks the 38th anniversary of the discovery of the AIDS virus. That’s 13,871 days. It’s time to stop adding up and to start counting down. That’s why we’re highlighting a different number this month: 86.

In restaurant kitchens all over America, the term ‘86’ means it’s over. A chef must strikethrough a dish on the menu because the key ingredient has run out. There’s no more. The number alone isn’t bursting with any magical, numerological power. Just the opposite. It’s void. Wiped-out. Gone. And that’s what we want to see happen to AIDS.

We need to #86AIDS now more than ever. 770,000 people died last year from HIV/AIDS - a treatable and preventable disease. 400 babies will be born with HIV today. Same thing tomorrow. And the next day. AIDS is still a crisis and we must act now. That’s why it critical that we show support for the AIDS fight and there’s no better way to do that than with something we can all get behind: food.

This June, we’re turning food into a force to #86AIDS with EAT (RED) SAVE LIVES.

Saving lives never tasted so good with EAT (RED) SAVE LIVES, (RED)’s annual campaign that turns food into a force to #86AIDS. Throughout the month of June, companies and culinary collaborators are coming together to raise money and awareness for the AIDS fight.